Asymmetrical Retro Faux-Bob Hairstyles

Hi guys how are you its Layla here and today I’m going to be recreating a requested look of a more of a retro look it’s kind of an asymmetrical bob side updo bond type look if you like this look and want to learn how to recreate it then keep reading and I’ll take you through all this okay. So for this look will need some really basic styling tools and like always it’s going to be some bobby pins small elastic bands of course we’re gonna need a couple brushes want to just brush through the hair and a teasing comb and some hairspray and also a curling iron this is 1 inch cortex foreign one curling iron and just a clip to hold the hair while word curling it. So let’s begin the first thing I’m going to do is lightly brush through the hair.

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So once you have brush the hair the next step is to curl the entire head with the iron and the only thing that’s going to be different about this technique is that you want to curl the hair towards your face from both sides. So i’m going to show you just on one section and what you want to do is hold the iron down. So you’re basically just wrapping it towards your face and we’re going to hold it for about eight to ten seconds and then just let it go.

So now that i have these two sections done i’m just gonna go all around my head and i’ll be back once the hair is all curled okay. So now that the hair has been curled the next step is to grab an elastic band and I’m actually not even going to open up the curls I’m just going to bring the hair to one side and I’m going to just put this hair up into a side ponytail and I’m not doing it tightly it’s going to be sort of a loose ponytails. So here I’m putting it twice.

So the next steps are actually very easy and simple. So what you’re going to do is just loosen up the hair all the way around to create more of texture and volume here and I’m going to grab my teasing comb and just start to tease the curls up a little bit that’s going to give us some texture and some volume for the hair. So some of you are probably going to ask that how come you’re teasing the extensions and usually you tell us not to it’s because I’m not really teasing the hair too much I’m just kind of grabbing the hair and lightly pushing it up.

So that’s okay because it’s not going to be too damaging to the hair. So just kind of brush it out. So the next step is actually really simple and what I’m going to do is grab all the hair in the ponytail and start wrapping it around itself in words and as you’re wrapping it in you want to just position it some somewhat in the on the side but also a little bit towards your back as well and what that’s going to do is sort of give you that side bun side updo type of look but also look a little bit kind of like you have a bob which is really cute.

So at this point you just want to position the hair wherever you like it and using some bobby pins you just want to go ahead and just pin this in place to make sure that it’s secure. So once you’re done securing the bun or the ponytail on the side it’s all finished and ready to go you can also accessorize this look with a headband and you can just put that on before you do before you secure the ponytail. So, I really hope you guys enjoy it.

So thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you in the next post bye.

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