If you want to warm up your blonde hair, choose some natural shades of high- and lowlights, as bright flat peroxide blonde is very ageing. Know the correct blonde for your skin tone – if you have a ‘cool’ skin tone, choose ash, mink and platinum shades, not warm golds or coppers, which are better for warm complexions.


These days algorithms push competitions down the line, too, so this would be much more difficult to do now. At first, I gained followers and new Motivate Me members through sheer hard work, consistency and a commitment to my dream, and then was lucky enough to get some coverage in magazines. If you can manage to get your business mentioned in a magazine, newbeauty spaper or on TV, this can be gold for visibility for your brand. I always made sure that my Facebook page was mentioned, and this led to a sharp increase in followers. Once I hit 80,000 followers, I began to use the paid ‘boost’ function on Facebook to promote my page and drive new likes to bring me up to 100,000 followers. This cost me a couple of thousand dollars, but paid off in terms of the members I gained. It took me a year to build that additional 20,000 followers, as by this stage the algorithms were well and truly in play. The business was by now in a position to allocate marketing spend in my annual budget, so although spending $2000 on Facebook promotions seems a lot, I was able to budget and plan for this. If you are setting up a small business, I recommend that you trial multiple income streams to begin with. This helps you see what is successful and what is not.

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