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The Amazing (Explosive) Mets

Self-destructive in New York Mets pitchers from 1992 to 1997:

• Jason Isringhausen punched a heavy-duty plastic trash can in the clubhouse after giving up two runs in the first inning of a minor league game, suffering a compression fracture of his wrist, I was shocked at myself, he said.

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• Dwight Gooden allowed three home runs on opening day of 1994 and kicked the dugout steps, breaking a toe.

• Left-handed John Franco punched the door to the sauna at the visiting clubhouse in Atlanta, cutting his right hand for seven stitches. But he retorted: You can still get the anger out with the other hand.

• Anthony Young allowed a game-winning homer and injured his foot by kicking a water cooler.

• Bret Saberhagen was removed as starting pitcher in a game in Los Angeles for what was termed as tendonitis in his finger, but it was learned later he had punched a wall or a locker in a fit of frustration.

• Pat Zachry broke a toe when he kicked the dugout after allowing a single by Pete Rose.

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I found out I wasn’t perfect. I freaked out. I found an opposing player better at one of the things I set my sights on to be the best at.

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