Athletes Beauty Secrets

We asked top female sportswomen to reveal the products and techniques they rely on when the going gets tough.

There’s no doubt about it:professional athletes havegruelling schedules, puttingmind over matter andphysically pushingthemselves to the limits to achieveincredible sporting success. But hoursof sweating it out on the pitch, trackor court, or doing endless laps in thepool can take its toll on skin and hair,so how do these super-active womenkeep up with their beauty needs?Through years of training andcompeting – and using lots ofproducts along the way – eliteathletes find their favourites that cutto the chase and get the job done,whether it’s to heal broken skin,restore hair’s hydration, protectagainst the elements or simply helpthem look, feel and perform at theirbest on race day. Read on to discovertheir must-have products and tips…

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British swimmer Keri-anne Paynespecialises in marathon open-waterswimming and long-distance freestyleswimming. She is a two-time 10K open-water world champion and an Olympicsilver medallist. Recently she set upTriscape coaching ( experts share knowledge,experience and advice in sportsperformance, open-water and swimmingskills, nutrition and well being for swimmingchallenges at any ability.

Athletes Beauty Secrets
Athletes Beauty Secrets

My best beauty discovery is…

Murad Refreshing Cleanser (£26 for 200ml; – it’s the first thing I use whenI get out of the water. It cleanses off chlorinated water without drying out my skin furtherand is so light but gets rid of impurities and leaves my skin feeling moisturised.

Athletes Beauty Secrets

My favourite product…

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 (£59.50for 50ml; Because I’m usually in the sun half of the year, I always usesunscreen. I used this on my face for my race in Rio and it’s a really nice cream andprotects my skin, so it’s a double win!

When I travel… My lips can get dry travelling to race venues, so I always haveKiehl’s Lip Balm #1 in Mango (£9.50 for 15ml; with me.

Salt water is actually good for your hair… but only once in a while! I’msometimes in the water four to five days in a row, along with sessions in the pool, whichcan play havoc with your locks. I use a combination of products in rotation to give my haira boost: Tresemmé Keratin 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (both £6.59for 250ml;; a sulphate-free shampoo – Sukin Protein Shampoo (£9.95 for500ml;; Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Treatment (£4.99 for 250ml; and Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector (£32 for 100ml;

The best waterproof mascara I’ve found is…

Max Factor False LashEffect in black (£8.99 for 13ml; It’s great, not just because it’swaterproof but because it really does make my lashes look huge!’


Olympic gold medallist Sam Quek MBEplays defender in hockey and was part ofthe winning British team at the 2016Summer Olympics, beating the Netherlandsin the final, thanks to a penalty shoot-out.

Athletes Beauty Secrets


‘I obviously exercise a lot, butwouldn’t want to wash my hair anymore than two or three times perweek, so I find using CO byAndrew Collinge Invisible DryShampoo (£12.50 for 250ml; is perfect forsoaking up excess oils or sweat afterworking out.’

Athletes Beauty Secrets


Double Olympian Eilish McColgan competesin the 3,000m steeplechase and 5,000m. Sherepresented Great Britain at the 2012 OlympicGames in London and the 2016 OlympicGames in Rio and is sporting ambassadorfor Polar ( wearable sportsand fitness technology. We delve deepinto her beauty regime.

Athletes Beauty Secrets

What would you say are yourthree beauty essentials?‘

I spend a lot of time training at high altitude or inwarm climates, which can really damage my lipsand dry them out. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm(£7.50 for 7g; is brilliantand smells amazing. Sometimes I can be away ontraining camps for a few months at a time in remotelocations such as Kenya. For my hair, I find BatisteDry Shampoo (£2.99 for 200ml, an absolute lifesaver for an athlete constantly onthe go. I try to avoid washing my hair daily, but whenI do wash it, I like using milk_shake Silver ShineShampoo (£13.69 for 300ml; as it allows me to keep my blonde hair colourgoing a little longer and lighter until I get home.It smells like a dreamy dessert and keeps awaythe brassy blonde tones.

’Do you wear any make-up whenyou’re competing?‘

I wear make-up for both training and racing. It’sbecome part of my daily routine and race day isno different. It makes me feel more confident andgives me a feel-good factor.

’Do you use any recovery products?‘

I’ve used arnica gel in the past to help reducebruising after serious injury and Epsom salts ina warm bath after hard track competitions. Themagnesium helps to relax the muscles and helps meto get to sleep quicker after a busy day of racing.

’What does beauty mean to you?‘

Beauty isn’t a defined feature or aspect, it’s thewhole package of someone’s personality that istrue beauty.’


Shona McCallin is a GB OlympicGold medallist for England Hockeyand blogs at

Athletes Beauty Secrets


1.‘I always have a tub of Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream (£2.99 for 125g; to hand – it helps everything from grazes to spots.’

2.‘I use Clinique Exfoliating Scrub (£21 for 100ml; clinique. two to three times a week. It really helps get rid of muck and sweat, and keeps my skin looking fresh.’

3.‘I go quite red from exercise, so Sport FX Cool Down Primer (£9.99 for 30ml; helps tone and cool down the redness in my face after sport.’

4.’A good hair spray is an absolute must to keep my hair looking neat and tidy.’

5.‘A Tangle Teezer hairbrush (£11; can always be found in my kit bag – and handbag, too!’


Martina Hingis is a 21-time Grand SlamChampion in tennis and Olympic Silvermedallist in Doubles in Rio 2016. Sheis also the ambassador for Curaprox(, which promotes oralhealthcare globally. She tells us abouther beauty regime.

Athletes Beauty Secrets

I like to keep it pretty simple and natural.I moisturise a lot as, every day, I go to the gymand have a tennis practice later. Travellingand being in the sun is also drying on skin,so I use a hydration cream in the morningand again after a workout and shower.At night, I wash my face with a gentlecleanser and then I moisturise again with a night cream.’

As a tennis player, I’m almost always in hot, sunny climates to play in tournaments, soit’s imperative to make sure my skin’s protected. After practice, I usually use a moisturiserwith aloe vera to restore my skin.’

We spend a lot of time in hotels, so I like going to the steam room or sauna. It relaxesyour muscles after a hard day of training and helps to cleanse away toxins and impurities.It’s also very invigorating!

I started using Curaprox a few years ago and haven’t used another dental brand since.There are a couple of products I really like: the CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush (£4.50; and Interdental Brushes (from £6.95) are my go-to oral care kit.Both are really gentle on the teeth and gums yet really effective. I’m always on the go,so I love the travel cap the toothbrush comes with.

I also like Black is White Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste (£19.95 for 90ml; It’s very cool because it contains no abrasive particles or bleachingagents, and uses activated carbon instead to tackle stain particles that discolour teeth,without wearing enamel away.

I don’t wear much make-up, but I do swear by Bobbi Brown Smokey EyeMascara (£24.50 for 5ml; – it’s probably one of the few thingsI’m always wearing.

Athletes Beauty Secrets


Toni Duggan plays football for Manchester City Women and is an England International.


‘I have lash extensions putin every three weeks, so Ican avoid having mascararunning down my face.I always have my nailspainted red – I use anat-home gel nails kit,which is easier when youdon’t have time and are onthe road. I also use a lot ofdry shampoo, as I don’twant to wash my hair everyday. For training, I weareyeliner and I eitherstraighten my hair or putit in a braid. I finish withhairspray to keepeverything in place.

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