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The elite sports world can transform gentlemanly performers into nasty warriors, Varda Burstyn says.

It’s hard for a gentleman to survive in the sports’ world because of what he has to do to himself to become the best. It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult. To get to the top, you have to become as manic as those already there. Any system, if you spend a lot of time in it, whether it’s sports or politics, you generally have to adopt its values. athletic body workout routine The systems have their own structure and heart and soul. To get up the ladder requires you to compromise and chances are that when you get there, you’re not the same person as you were before. The psychological pressure is a transforming experience.

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Burstyn cites the case of Donovan Bailey, the 1996 Olympic 100-meter champion and world record holder. When he won the Olympic gold medal, I saw him as being a kind of a gentleman, a Canadian in all the best ways, but then he became boastful and arrogant, she says.

Bailey was a late bloomer in competitive sports. train like an athlete workout His parents divorced when he was young and, after emigrating from Jamaica, he grew up in the middle-class suburb of Oakville, Ontario with his father and stepmother. Before he became a serious track warrior in 1993, he worked as a marketing investment consultant and owned his own business, then he began to view track as a business.

Dan Pffaf, Louisiana State University track coach who has coached many world-class athletes, including Bailey, believes that elite athletes become warriors because of intuitive ability that is nurtured and honed by competitive sports, where there are primarily just winners and losers. They thrive in a (combative) environment. They know how to take the adrenaline and channel it. They feed off the fear.

Pffaf prepares his athletes like they are going to war, often sequestering them in private villas for special mental and physical training before an important competition to get them ready for a fight, much like an army. Why was sport invented? Pffaf says. Go back to the ancient Greeks. athletic workout for beginners Throwing spears and discus and running. What was the marathon all about? Messengers during the war. Physical culture is indelibly linked to military endeavor. We can’t run from its militaristic history. In track and field, the goal is to win. That implies conflict. The average spectator doesn’t go to see a dead heat. How hollow was the 150 (meter against Michael Johnson)? It wasn’t a complete battle. What was the gladiators stuff all about? One and the same.

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