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MEAT—SUBSTANCES/LOW CALCIUM Uric acid from meat is a problem as it builds up in the bloodstream, forming sharp crystals. The white blood cells attempt to rid the blood of the uric acid crystals; however, they are unable to digest the uric acid crystals and sadly the white blood cells are destroyed in the process. The […] Read more



WHAT ARE LIPIDS? Lipids is the term used to describe the group of fats and oils. WHAT FOOD GROUPS SUPPLY LIPIDS? There are six main food groups that supply lipids. WHAT ARE THE 6 MAIN FOOD GROUPS THAT SUPPLY LIPIDS? 1. Nuts. 2. Seeds. 3. Fish. 4. Seafood. 5. Meat. 6. Dairy produce. WHAT OTHER […] Read more

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Health Benefits Of CASHEWS

Health Benefits Of CASHEWS Cashews also originated from Brazil. Raw cashews have less fat than most nuts. Cashews supply 65% unsaturated fats, with 90% in the form of oleic acid, ideal for energy and reduced cholesterol. Cashews supply omega-6 (8g) with a trace of omega-3. Roasted cashews are nice but the increase in free radicals […] Read more

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PINE NUTS Health Benefits

PINE NUTS Health Benefits Pine nuts are also known as pignoli; they grow inside a large pine cone from a tree native to Italy. They are used in the famous pesto recipe and often used in stuffings and tossed onto salads, including fruit salads. Pine nuts are best used in cooking, to reduce the turpentine […] Read more

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Health Benefits Of MACADAMIA

Health Benefits Of MACADAMIA Macadamia nuts are also called the Queensland nut, native to north-eastern Australia. Macadamia nuts are the hardest nut to crack, but thanks to some inventors, it can now be easily achieved and is well worth the effort. Macadamia nuts are soft inside, full of monounsaturated lipids (60g) from a total 76g, […] Read more