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Taylor Swift is te dun aan het worden" -

Melanie McGrice

She’s not taking care of herself and her friends fear something serious is going on,❠says an insider. âœShe’s convinced her career is souring High levels of stress tend to increase our production of cortisol, our fight-or-flight hormone,❠explains nutrition specialist Melanie McGrice ( âœThis can leave some people struggling to eat.❠Career crises, bitter […] Read more

Top 10 Best Powder Foundations for Makeup

10 Best Powder Foundations

Powder Shade Ninety-five (or even ninety-eight or ninety-nine) percent of the time, I find that a yellow-toned powder is much more flattering to a woman’s face than pink powders or so-called flesh-toned powders. This is because almost all women have yellow tones to their skin. Yellow-toned powders have a magical effect on the face, warming […] Read more

... the fruit or see the items on this page to find the best diet for you


If I eat well, I look good. If I don’t, well, my looks definitely suffer. It seems almost old-fashioned to talk about the connection between healthful eating and good looks, but that link is fundamental. I don’t believe in fad diets like the grapefruit diet or powdered-drink diets, or whatever is this moment’s fad solution. […] Read more

iridescent eye shadow make-up | Holographic & Iridescent | Pinterest


In developing my color palette for the eyes, I have purposely avoided colors like emerald green, turquoise, and purple. That’s because I would much rather let a woman’s own eye color pop than make a bold statement with the shadow shade. I have also avoided trendy shadow colors the pale blue you see in fashion […] Read more


Eyebrow Mistakes

BROW MISTAKES Paisley-Shaped Brows: A common tweezing mistake. Shaping the brow so that it has a round clump or hook at the inner end and then trails off narrowly never looks good. Excessive Tweezing, Holes: Overaggressive tweezing will result in bare spots, or holes, in the line of the brow. Try to see where a […] Read more

Apply skin care products on your eyebrows


To apply, use a small, hard brush, flat and angled at the tip. For longer-last-ing color, dampen the brush slightly before dipping it into the shadow color. Blow off the excess and start applying it at the most populated area of brow to avoid laying down too much color. Finish by combing your brows up […] Read more