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Blackboard Place Setting_34.jpg

Blackboard Place Setting

Win the hearts of your dinner guests with these quaint mini blackboard peg place settings, in the shape of mini hearts, so you can write the name of each guest. Product code: 24972. Made in wood/ metal. Height 8cm, width 7cm. Price £1 each.

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Free stay in Mauritius

Romance is in the air at the Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel, a beachfront resort on the beautiful island of Mauritius. The luxurious 4-star hotel is offering a complementary 7-10 night stay for the bride and groom with every wedding booked with 12 or more full-paying wedding guests staying at the hotel for a minimum of […] Read more

Seeds of love _1.jpg

Seeds of love

Say thank you to your wedding guests by ensuring they forget you not!’ with these eco-friendly seed packets, personalised with your names and wedding date – they [ are perfect for slipping into envelopes when you send out your thank you cards! The packets contain hundreds of forget-me-not seeds to grow flowers that symbolise faithfulness […] Read more

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Caribbean by tandem

Explore St Lucia in a totally unique style on a magical bicycle made for two when you book your honeymoon at The Landings. The tandem can be used to cycle around the luxury all-suite resort as well as exploring the nearby Pigeon Island National Park and bustling Rodney Bay with its beaches, bars, restaurants and […] Read more

Layered Vegetable Loaf_7.jpg

Layered Vegetable Loaf

Lightly breaded eggplant slices layered with a variety of Kapha-de-creasing vegetables in a loaf pan makes this entree light in quality with the astringent, bitter, pungent, and slighdy sour tastes good for Kapha diets. It can be eaten as it is by Vata and Pitta types as a side dish. Otherwise use the sliced eggplant […] Read more

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Graceful stylish

The elegant Grace bracelet is a complete showstopper that is bound to turn heads on your wedding day Pearl and silver combine to create a sight to behold. Make a statement by pairing with the matching necklace from the Grace collection. £180.

Moroccan Delight _14.jpg

Moroccan Delight

An elaborate and beautiful dish to serve at a party, this recipe reduces Pitta and Vata and increases Kapha (although it is nourishing for Kapha). The âœdelight❠is in savoring a variety of stimulating flavors and exotic color combinations. By preparing groups of ingredients separately, the tastes remain distinct from one another even after they […] Read more

Rich Stuffed Peppers_10.jpg

Rich Stuffed Peppers

A delicious main dish that is nourishing for Vata with its sweet, salty, bitter, and slighdy astringent tastes. The warm, rich, heavy stuffing can be baked separately in a buttered casserole and served as a side dish for Pitta and Vata. Serves 6 3 large green peppers, halved and blanched 1/2 cup ghee or unsalted […] Read more