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BLUEBERRIES Diet Blueberries, bilberry and cranberry belong to the family Vaccinium. These berries contain a remarkable supply of antioxidants, more specifically phytonutrients or anthocyanins. These are in the blue-red pigment of the fruit. They promote a reduction of free radicals that can damage cell structure causing conditions such as heart disease, glaucoma and cataracts. Blueberries […] Read more

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AVOCADO For Lose Weight

AVOCADO For Lose Weight The avocado is fruit from a tree that belongs to the Laurel family (Lauraceae), the Persea Americana. The Aztecs originally cultivated the avocado. Now there are numerous varieties throughout the world. The Hass and Fuerte are common varieties, plus the Gwen, Bacon, Pinkerton, Zutano and Reed. Avocados provide a small amount […] Read more

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Yoga Pose For Constipation

The Role of Arm Training and Cross-Training for Activities That Involve Mainly the Legs Part of the accepted dogma of training is that all training is absolutely specific. Thus it is believed that the greatest benefit is achieved if one trains only in the specific activity in which one wishes to compete (Clausen, 1977). While […] Read more

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Wrestling Weight Loss Tips

Practical Implications of Training Of what practical value is this knowledge of the muscle adaptations to training? First, the fact that the mitochondrial adaptations to training occur only in the trained muscles and only in the muscle fibers that are active during that exercise indicate that training for a particular event or sport must use […] Read more

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Pilates Chair Exercises

A number of researchers have used the decrease in mitochondrial enzyme content that occurs when training stops as a measure of the rate at which fitness is lost when one stops training. In addition, they have studied the amount of exercise required to maintain these adaptations. In rats and humans trained for 8 to 15 […] Read more


Exercise During Early Pregnancy

Adaptations in Muscle Contractility The fascination that modem exercise physiologists have had for the theory that oxygen alone determines exercise performance may have blinded us to other possibilities (Noakes, 1988b). One possibility is that muscle power or contractility may determine performance (see post 2, p. 21) and that training may effect important changes in muscle […] Read more

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Women Weight Loss Tips

From “Hypothesis: Significance of Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Enzyme Enhancement With Endurance Training” by P.D. Gollnick and B. Saltin, 1982, Clinical Physiologist, 2, p. 4. Copyright 1982 by Blackwell Scientific Publications. Adapted by permission. Capacity of each mitochondrion to produce ATP at any substrate concentration is greatly enhanced. Thus at any rate of energy production (exercise […] Read more