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Highlights And Lowlights Pictures 

HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL NATURAL “Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” Lao Tzu. When making a decision to embark upon the journey of being natural, it is important to understand and appreciate that it is […] Read more

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Stacked Angled Bob Haircut 

Besides being a possible trigger for telogen effluvium, where a lot of hair shedding occurs, iron deficiency could also be the most likely underlying cause when hair loss is subtle; slowly thinning out over many months or even years. This is common among women of child bearing age due to menstruation and pregnancy. Iron is […] Read more

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Sophisticated Short Hairstyles For Women

In a study, one hundred and fifty three women who were diagnosed with telogen effluvium from 1995-1998 were examined. Seventy two percent of women in the premenopausal group were found to have iron deficiency as the cause of telogen effluvium. Iron deficiency is defined as having a ferritin level of under 40ng/ml or iron percent […] Read more

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Hairstyles For Very Fine Thin Hair

Reportedly, many black women who chemically process their hair choose to do so with at-home box kit relaxers. These relaxers can be up to $70 cheaper than a chemical process at a salon. The truth is the better quality relaxers are sold exclusively to salon professionals. A licensed cosmetologist has been trained to apply relaxers […] Read more

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Tips For Thicker Fuller Hair 

If you opt to use heat on the hair it is extremely important that you use a product that will protect your hair from the heat; a product that will establish a barrier between the heating tool and your hair. Avoid putting chemicals on top of chemicals. Not all products that say they are for […] Read more