The average American generates more than 4 pounds of waste per day?

What’s worse, about 55% of what is thrown out annually ends up in a landfill. A few simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference not only for the planet but also your bank account. You’ll save money, and your home will be tidier and greener in the process, too.

Make your own cleaning supplies from items you already have in your pantry: Vinegar or lemon juice and baking soda will clean almost anything.

If you prefer to buy pre-made products, opt for those in concentrate formjust add water, no new bottles necessary.

Use boxes from new purchases (shoes, stuff bought online) as organizers on shelves and in drawers instead of buying new, separate storage units.

Install Pentair Ever-pure’s H-300-NXT water filtration system. It fits easily under your sink and purifies the equivalent of 7,800 water bottles a year! Plus, the aluminum canister is recyclable. Best of all, you’ll enjoy clean, delicious-tasting water without any harmful bacteria, pharmaceutical drugs or other unwanted contaminants.

Gather up that worn-out clothing that’s too ratty to donate and recycle as washable, reusable rags. Or roll several pieces together and tie off to make energy-saving draft stoppers.

Hold onto mismatched glassware, plates and cutlery so you have an arsenal of gear at the ready for casual parties, no need to buy anything new or throw anything away.

Swap your plastic water bottle for a reusable one. Roughly 80% of water bottles in the United States are not recycled, sending 22 billion plastic bottles to landfills every year.

Turn glass containers destined for the recycling bin into reusable vessels for storing anything from leftovers to pet food to crafting supplies.

Shop at the farmers’ market! We all know that whole foods are healthy for our bodies, and minimal packaging is healthy for the environment. And local production reduces transportation costs, too. Tote groceries home in a reusable fabric bag that folds up to nothing.

Designate one day a week to do a clean sweep of the fridge and make sure food is being eaten. Bring soon-to-expire things to the front so you’re sure to use them. Then get creative with your leftovers.

Throw a recycling party. Have everyone bring something they don’t want (clothes, kitchen items, home decor accents) and do a swap. You’ll be shocked to see how fast your things find a new home!

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