Do you dream of a wedding venue that feelsunmistakably like a home away from homeexcept far more elegant? No strict rules or regulations, no upsetting glimpses of otherBrides sharing your day and no chance of being rushed in and out within 24 hours? Well we have come across just the place to make your ideal, personalised and – most importantly – exclusive vision come to lifeSet in the picture-perfect Dorset countryside(with mandatory rolling hills) Axnoller canofer you the unique wedding experience you deserve, with three luxury houses on site, all individually and lovingly designedyou and your party can take over the entirestunning estate all to yourself. To give youthe real lowdown, we caught up with ownerAlo Brake, to give you an insider insight intowhat you can expect…


What makes Axnoller different to any other wedding venue? “I really want to make each wedding as unique and exciting as the last so I focus my complete un-divided attention on just one wedding at a time unlike other, more expensive, boutique hotels who will ofen have two, sometimes three weddings going on at once”.

Would you say it is your personal touch that makes you special?“Defnitely! I am personally involved in each wedding, or as involved as the bride and groom want me to be! Tat’s the beauty of it, I want my guests to tell me what is important to them, I can do everything or they can be lef alone if they prefer. My little black book ofen comes out to make things happen that other venues couldn’t ofer – and I spend so much time and care with a wedding that the bride can ofen come to feel like a daughter!

”Do we have exclusive use of the estate just for one day? How many people can you accommodate?“We pride ourselves on being able to host wedding parties not only just for the day; but the day before and the day afer – and the day afer that should you so wish! Tere are very few rules here and we ofen have parties that last up to four days! We can host weddings of up to 200 people or more, with space for a total of 34 guests to stay in our threestunning houses, but ultimately; we really encourage you to treat it as your private home. Don’t worry, if you need that extra bufer of accommodation, we can recommend plenty of places in the local area”.Is there a chance for us to pamper at the spa before or after the wedding?“It’s important to feel relaxed and ready for your big day, which is why we have a private spa (complete with three hot-tubs, two pools, and sauna and steam rooms) for you and your bridal party to indulge in pre-wedding , or for you and your groom to escape to post-celebration”.And finally…

What is the one thing you wish someone had told you before you had started planning your wedding?I wish I could have found somewhere as elegant and personal as Axnoller. Yes, we are a family run business, but frst and foremost it is our home – we want all of our guests to feel that is their home too.

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