Baby Cry To Sleep

Baby Cry To Sleep

Some parents want different things from each other:

Eventually when Sam was 16 months old I put my foot down with daddy and took Sam into bed with us when he woke and was difficult to settle because I was a total wreck and couldn’t cope any more with waking every hour. ?


My husband would be having them in bed with us, but I won’t. He’s softer. He was the one who was very soft with the first one, but then we were both tired and cross.

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Liz and Adrian, parents of Hester, five, Bruce, four, Joseph, three and Isobel, 14 months.

Some, like Catherine, begin to share as a matter of expediency, and end up loving it:

I started off when Rosie was born saying that the one thing I would never do was sleep with her. In the end it was completely obvious that it was the only way I was going to get any sleep.

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