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The treatment of viral infections such as herpes includes maintaining a healthy immune system. Baby girl haircuts curly hair Nutrients involved in the immune system include zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and protein. Nutrients that help repair damaged tissues as are seen in the herpes blisters include folic acid, vitamin Bi2, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and protein. The amino acid lysine might reduce both the severity and frequency of herpes infections.

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Ethics and morals relate to societal standards, and knowing right from wrong is important, but also think about what is important to you. What are your values? What do you have emotional investment in? It might be family, or good relationships with friends, or showing respect to the environment, or having a good work–life balance. Focusing on what you think is important in life and letting these values guide your actions is a good way to foster mental well-being. This might involve speaking up to defend those values, or seeking out like-minded people to have meaningful interactions with. I find it useful to keep a diary of sorts where I write notes to help me acknowledge my values and achieve goals in each of the areas I think are important: Mental and emotional life. This means having a positive sense of well-being, ability to self-love, holding a positive view of others, knowing right from wrong, being aware of any mental instability and having coping techniques in place. Physical life. A good, functioning body (joints, muscles and brain) through food, fitness and mindset. Spiritual life. Feeling aligned with my beliefs and values and being open to exploring the spiritual world.

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