Baby Lullabies Go To Sleep

Baby Lullabies Go To Sleep

Sleep Therapy Sleep Clinics

Sleep clinics are groups run by health visitors and occasionally other health professionals too. After an initial session in which you describe your baby’s sleep habits, you will usually be asked to complete a sleep diary for a couple of weeks before you begin a programme. Nearly all sleep clinics will suggest a peaceful and predictable bedtime routine, followed by a form of behaviour modification – usually either controlled crying or gradual withdrawal. Most sleep clinics assume that you would like your child to go to sleep on his own in his own bed. Some research suggests that more than 80% of parents who join groups led by health professionals can successfully stop a sleep problem For more information, ask your health visitor or GP about your local sleep clinic.

One-to-One Sessions with a Sleep Therapist

Sleep therapists are a rare breed, but where they can be found they are available privately and occasionally by referral from your GP. Your health visitor or GP may have contact details. Or ask your friends. Sometimes you will see a team of health professionals. A sleep therapist will see you, your partner and your baby for one or more sessions and will discuss ways to solve your sleep problems. Most of them include behaviour management plans as part of their solution. Some sleep therapists claim 100% success when parents attend weekly.

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Brief Psychoanalytic Therapy

This is available at a few places round the country. It is a radically different approach to sleeping problems. Over four or five sessions, a child psychotherapist will help you to explore the boundaries within your family, and support you while you work towards letting your child sleep. The emphasis of the sessions is not on practical plans but on understanding how aspects of your past and present -grief, separation, loss – can hamper your ability to let your baby go (see page 150 for contact details).

Child and Family Consultation Clinics (CFCC) (formerly known as Child Guidance)

These clinics offer a similar service to the brief psychoanalytic therapy above, with the added advantage that there are more CFCCs around the country. Your GP may refer you to a child and family consultation clinic if your sleeping problem is part of a more general problem with relationships in your family.

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