Baby Song To Sleep

Baby Song To Sleep

You may not have started the cycle but your solution may continue it. Once established, sleep problems and tense, anxious relationships feed off one another. And it’s a cycle that can spiral through the generations.

This explains why parents who had sleep problems as children sometimes have children with sleep problems. The link is stronger between mothers and babies than between fathers and babies. Both of Fiona’s children woke at night and wouldn’t settle without company in the evening:

My mother told me that I woke every night until I was six and got in with her. I can remember being put to bed and getting out to play as soon as my mum went downstairs, and then having to scamper back to bed when she came up again. I didn’t sleep well, how can I expect them to?’

But there are things that you can try if you want. And you never know, you may just be helping your grandchildren to sleep better too!

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