Baby Won T Go To Sleep

Baby Won T Go To Sleep

Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Is your baby difficult? Does he cry at the slightest thing? Do you find him really hard work? Then take care. Psychologists have discovered that parents who think of their baby as difficult or unsettled, often become less tuned in to his needs and less willing to meet them The result is that your

difficult baby ends up crying longer and harder than an easy-going baby to get attention. He may grow into a demanding and difficult toddler. But there are things you can do:

• Try not to label your baby

• Concentrate on how he is feeling

• Give him the benefit of the doubt

• Focus on the good times too

Twins or More

Twins can also present more sleep difficulties than single babies as Sue, single mother of Danielle and Sophie, remembers:

The girls were dreadful. We would wake in the morning not knowing where we were because we had changed beds with each other so many times. I phoned my dad once at about 1am because they wouldn’t sleep, they would have been about 15 months old. All they did was scream and I was beside myself. I was so close to running out of the door or throwing one of them. My dad took Sophie and Danielle was with her dad. I was ordered to bed with a pillow over my head.’

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Kim, mother of Mia and Sam, seven months old, feels that the anxiety of having both babies awake at night may have caused her twins sleep problems:

When they were little I used to go in and feed whichever one had made the noise just to stop the other one waking up, but I think now that they were maybe just turning over and I should have left them Or maybe if I’d had them in separate rooms they might have slept better, but everyone says “Oh! You can’t separate them now! They’ve been together for nine months.” So I put them in together and then went in at the first noise. We both still find it hard – the constant never being able to have a full night’s sleep. And 5am is an early start. ’

Some parents remove one baby from his usual sleeping place for a few nights and try a new routine until they both start to sleep better, and others leave both where they are, try behaviour management techniques and find that the other twin sleeps soundly in spite of the extra crying for a few nights.

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