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Hello it’s Mimi here today and it’s back-to-school time which means summer is over don’t even get me started on that to cheer you up a little bit today I’m going to show you two beautiful simple cute hair cells that will be perfect for school. So let’s get started now before, I do anything with my hair I’m gonna quickly brush through it to make sure there are no tangles and I’m wearing my Umbra chestnut locks you said today to have thickness and length all right. So once, I brush the hair what I’m going to do is grab a section of hair from the right side I’m gonna bring it all the way to the left over my hair and then I’m going to add some section from the right it’s not going to be as thick it’s going to be a bit thinner.

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So once, I combined them together, I grab my clear hair elastic and, I put it in a ponytail now I’m gonna split this over the ponytail and just pull the ends of the hair through that alright next step is just define it out a little bit and then, I will just take the ends of this hair and start wrapping it over the elastic to hide the elastic now what I’m going to do in the end is I’m gonna take the ends of the hair and pull it through the same hole and this will actually hold my wrap around however if you hear silky and smooth, I will definitely recommend securing this with a bobby pin and that is it beautiful and pretty you’re ready to go to school now the second hairstyle, I call the fluffy braid it’s. So cute and fluffy and it’s actually super duper easy now the first thing I’m going to do is bring all of the hair to one side, I usually braid it on the left side. So I’m going to bring in to the left side and I’m going to grab a section of hair right around where my ear is as you can see it’s quite thick and then I’ll put a clear elastic over it then I’m going to make an opening over the hair elastic and pull the ends of the hair through the opening.

So that’s my first section now I’m gonna go to the back of my head and pull the hair from the right to the left and add more hair from the left and from the right to this section. So it’s sort of like a French twisty braid. So once.

I’ve added more hair, I am just gonna grab another hair elastic put into a ponytail and do the exact same thing. So I’m going to make an opening and pull the ends of the hair through the opening and then I’m really going to repeat the steps all the way to the end. So I’m going to add more hair from the left from the right put another elastic and then pull it through the opening and I’m gonna do about four or five of these and now I’m finished but I’m not really finished.

So now the really magical part begins scissors okay don’t be scared it’s all fine, I got it under control. So what I’m gonna do and this is something to be very careful about because you don’t want to cut your hair I’m gonna go back to these elastics and I’m actually going to cut them because that’s going to create a really beautiful effect now what you got to do is be really careful you’re gonna grab the elastic and you’re going to pull it and when you pull it you see that obviously you’re just pulling the elastic. So you just want to grab any section of that elastic pull it and then with your scissor you just caught it and then you pull that elastic out of your hair and good all the way down except for the last one of course because you want something to hold the braids together now as you can see even though, I pulled them all out your braids still holds together the twist these are still there and now I’m just gonna fan out the braids and make it all fluffy and cute and that is it you ready for school and that is all, I have pre let me know which one of the hairstyles is your favorite is that the fluffy braid or is it the side dude.

So I’d love to hear from you leave me a comment down below also if you’re going back to school what’s your favorite thing about going back to school is that the hairstyle or is it actually doing some schoolwork when, I was in school my favorite part about school was the friends and the people, I got to meet there. So I’d love to hear from you what’s your favorite part about going back to school leave me a comment down below like this post it will totally make my day and I’ll see you next week love you bye you.

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