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Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno described how he used the Exercise Method to help him win his third World Cup of Bowling victory.

“I have been practicing the Exercise Method for three years now,” he said. “After I took the course, I also had a few private sessions with Judy Qua to help me manage my nerves.

“In 1992 I had the chance again at the World Cup in Le Mans, France. I was able to realize my dream of winning the World Cup for the third time, the first person in the world to do so, through the Exercise Method.

“My mental programming is quite simple: I just used a lot of feelings, and, of course, my desire was strong and intense. I also concentrated on my belief that I could do it and that I expected it. It was that simple.

“During the World Cup competition, I imagined surrounding myself with white light to shield myself from all opponents. In the process I broke four world records. In previous years, different people held the world records at different times, and this was the first time that one bowler surpassed all in one tournament. I led by 551 pins, the biggest winning margin ever in the World Cup.

“So from day to day I reinforced my visualization to stay in the lead,” said Nepomuceno. “It was as if I was untouchable.”

Joel E. Paner told Judy Qua how he used the Exercise Method in December 1991 when his tennis club had an exclusive doubles tennis tournament.

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“The problem is that my partner and I were not really top caliber players,” he said. “I didn’t belong to the top five of the 20 who were playing, and my teammate was only a beginner, having just learned the game only six months before.

The rule applied in elimination was the knock-out system, meaning that if you lose one game then you’re out.”

Every night before a match, Paner used the Exercise visualization workout and fitness technique to imagine that the last point of the match always counted in his and his partner’s favor.

He also imagined their opponents congratulating them as the winners. During the match he used the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique for a good, powerful return of serve.

“It worked. I was able to break the serves most of the time,” Paner said.

“We were able to win our first two matches and so were able to advance into the semifinals wherein only three teams out of the original 10 were left to fight it out. Again I used the same workout and fitness techniques and was able to eliminate one team to qualify for the championship finals.”

When he was about to play for the championship match, he visualized that cherished situation wherein the organizers were handing the championship trophy to him and his partner.

“What was imagined in my mind was actualized in the awarding ceremony,” Paner said.

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