Balthus Knot How To Tie EASILY Tying This Unique Casual Knot Tie-A-Tie Post Tutorial

Are you ready to take a step up from the Full Windsor? In today’s post, we’re going to learn how to tie the Balthus Knot, a very large and powerful alternative to the Full Windsor Knot. This knot is a great choice if you want to stand out and send a strong message. Because of the many folds in this knot, you will need a tie that is at least 57 inches long, but preferably 59 inches. The main characteristics of the Balthus Knot are: Number one, it’s a large size knot and is slightly complicated to tie. Two, because of its large size, it’s best to wear it in casual situations. Three, this knot will work best with a full spread or cutaway collar.

Balthus Knot How To Tie EASILY Tying This Unique Casual Knot Tie-A-Tie Post Tutorial Photo Gallery

Start by draping the tie over your neck. For this knot, you will have the outside of the tie facing towards you. Adjust the tie until the wide end is much longer than the narrow end. The exact length will vary based upon the length of the necktie and the height of the wearer. Cross the narrow end over the wide end and then bring the wide end over and through the neck opening. Now, bring the wide end to the other side of the narrow end, then bring it over and through the neck opening again. Bring the wide end to the other side and go over and through the neck opening a third time. As before, cross behind the narrow end to the other side, but now, you will cross the wide end in front of the narrow end. Now, go under and up through the neck opening before pulling the wide end through the loop you just formed. Tighten the knot by gently pulling on the wide end while holding the knot. Bring the knot up to your neck by holding the narrow end while pushing the knot up with your other hand. Keep your tie looking tidy by pulling the narrow end through the keeper loop on the back of the tie if the narrow end is long enough.

If it’s too short, you can use a tie tuck or tie bar to keep it in its place. Your tie should rest between top and middle of your belt line. If it’s too short, start over making the wide end lower. If it’s too long, start with the wide end higher. The Balthus Knot is a dominant knot that makes a bold statement. It’s great for balancing out a large spread or cutaway collar or for the man who’s maybe a bit large and in charge and wants a knot that’s proportional to his size. Be sure to check out the article and infographic for a detailed step by step look at tying the Balthus Knot.

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