Banana For Lose Weight

BANANA For Lose Weight

Bananas are big in carbohydrate value with a low 89 calorie value and only 0.3g of fat per 100g; therefore, you can eat them all day long and never put on weight. Due to the fact that bananas are mainly eaten raw, the full value of the potassium content (370mg, or 467mg in the average banana) is available and that is of great benefit for the muscular system and the heart muscles, plus the skeletal system. Potassium-rich foods counteract the problems with excess intake of common salt, such as the loss of calcium from the bones. Bananas are rich in potassium and low in organic sodium (1mg) which promotes an alkaline condition in the blood, essential for healing and proper calcium metabolism.

Bananas contain serotonin and norepinephrine and these natural hormones can help to reduce depression.

If you are an active person, the banana will easily support your energy requirements and keep your body flexible and running smoothly.

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For children, the banana smoothie is a great supplier of nutrients with natural sweetness and protein. Get your share of the banana benefits at morning tea time before the chip cravings begin. The banana will help your body bend into shape, just like the monkeys do. Bananas have a moderate glycemic index.

Bananas benefit the digestive system due to their pectin content, plus they supply iron (0. 7mg), chlorine (270mg), sulphur (120mg) and bromine (0. 54mg), all essential for the glandular and blood system. You have to hand it to bananas, they really give the sweetest energy. A cavendish banana with a dash of green near the stem is best for digestion. Lady finger bananas need to be fully ripe for the best taste and texture.

If you have a digestive problem or lack energy and can’t put your finger on the problem, ask yourself, ‘Have I had a banana recently? ? The cavendish and lady finger bananas are ready, set, go, to supply a big bunch of benefits.

GLYCEMIC CALORIES – total: 56 kcal. Per 100 grams.

INDEX: 65 Calories from: Carb: 52 Protein: 3 Fat: 1

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