Banish Belly Fat Exercises

Think deeply about whether you are still attached to needing food for comfort

As you grew from baby to toddler to teenager to adult, you had to learn to regulate your own moods and handle stressful situations, away from your mother or caregiver. You had to develop the mental and emotional skills to handle life’s daily challenges all on your own with minimal help. If you still use non-biological eating as an artificial mood changer to reduce feelings of discomfort, you have not yet completed this essential task of human emotional development. You may be fearful and resistant towards being independent, but perhaps you also crave the comfort of having someone else provide you with something tasty and delicious to suppress your emotional stress.

Self-acceptance reduces the need for external, artificial sources of comforts and encourages us to reward ourselves with better health through better food choices. It’s a virtuous cycle of better behaviour that supports wellbeing at every level.

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