How To Banish Belly Fat Fast

Decide powerfully and with absolute certainty

Your first step on the way to total weight control is to decide with absolute certainty that you really can follow these steps and transform yourself.

The mission is to reduce the compulsive reactions of the limbic system, particularly the amygdala, and allow better support and guidance to flow from the prefrontal cortex.

1. Believe with as much intensity as you can muster in your power to take permanent control of your weight and your body.

2. Visualise in great detail what it would be like to suffer the awful health consequences of being overweight and imagine the consequences happening right now. Make it personal. Make it about you!

3. Pick an image that represents the most ideal version of yourself that you can find, cut it out and add a photo of your face to the ideal image’s body. Make lots of copies. Put the images everywhere. Engage your subconscious!

4. In the face of any stress, real or imagined, remember to breathe! Breathing checks the stress response and puts the prefrontal cortex firmly back in control.

5. Plan and prepare in advance for situations that might produce temptation. The If-Then technique can be very effective.

6. Sanitise your environment, at home and at work, and eliminate all sources of temptation.

7. Recruit as many people as possible into your vision and your goal.

8. Learn to love and accept your body. Look into the mirror first thing every morning – and smile!

9. Create your very own power mantra and keep repeating it until it feels as it’s part of your DNA.

10. Relax your shoulders, your jaw muscles and your butt. Unwind and release the physical stress from your body.

11. Start to see all the harmful foods that have created your weight problem as utterly disgusting.

12. Now you’re ready to go cold turkey and eliminate all sugar from your diet for the next three days. Keep eating lots of fresh veggies. But absolutely nothing sweet in any shape or form. You’re resetting your insulin levels and your body needs three days to

Congratulations! You’ve just reset your metabolism and normality is about to return to your body.

Now it’s time to eliminate all grains and all dairy products from your diet. You need to heal your gut, restore your intestinal flora and eliminate inflammation from your system.

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