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Learn about your tendencies to be too attached to food

For emotional eaters like yourself, you often can’t see the woods for the trees. In the moment when emotions have been triggered and the helplessness reaction kicks in, eating in a certain way feels like a life-or-death decision. When you distract your inner turmoil with food, it’s not a handful of berries or nuts. It tends to be bigger than normal quantities of food, typically unhealthy foods, and the foods are eaten in a voracious, aggressive way – more like chomping and swallowing without tasting rather than eating with awareness. By the time the emotional eating frenzy has ended, the scary negative feelings have vanished, but they have not really disappeared. They’re just somewhere under that huge mound of food, almost like lost documents on a hard drive – they exist somewhere but are temporarily unavailable. You’re more addicted to the temporary reprieve that the food provides than to the food itself.

The moment when your emotions are triggered, stop everything. Breathe more deeply. Relax. Take a step back from the situation. Learn to see what’s happening from a distance. Consider your choices. Advise yourself as if you were counselling a dear friend. Give the best advice! To yourself. Because you deserve the best.

We can take control of our behaviour.

A better understanding of brain function has provided further, essential keys to explaining our behaviour and in greater depth than ever before.

As you can imagine from our two million years of humanoid evolution, brain function has a long and complex history of development.

As our distant ancestors climbed down from the trees and learned to walk on two legs, they had to adapt to living on the challenging, inhospitable, grassy savannas of the African plains.

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