For general foot health, try to reduce the amount of time you spend in shoes. At your work desk or at home, use every opportunity to slip off your footwear and walk around barefoot. This is particularly important if you are trying to prevent such conditions as bunions or calluses.


 The Filipinos are beautiful people and their nature makes you want to stay with them. But on the other face, a slum thug would approach a Westerner who had wandered off one of the main streets, giving him a radiant smile and an offer to show the local sights; but the next minute, the Westerner would be lying in the dirt, holding his bleeding face which had been ripped into by a razor-edged butterfly knife, his money gone, passport gone, watch gone, shoes gone sometimes his life would be gone. I loved Manila in the early 1970s. No one could fail to be excited by a town like that. As 1 walked the streets there was tightness in my stomach and a tingling in my groin and my mind was racing as if on overdrive. All the key drivers that make up our basic instincts were there: trepidation, challenge, lust. The sights and sounds and scents and ambiance were so spectacular that it was a thrill just to be in town. The three of us – John, Barry and me (Ben stayed in the hotel) – walked wide-eyed down the main road through Ermita, dodging the ‘Jeepneys’ – the garishly decorated multi-customer taxis covered in lights and murals, festooned with religious statues, and built on the chassis of US Army Jeeps, as they honked and bullied their way through the tide. We were wrapped in a blanket of smells: the wet succulent air of the East, the scent of unwashed bodies packed together, strange spicy food fried in open pans in the street, garbage, sewerage, exhaust fumes, pollution, perfume, alcohol. All of it percolated together: the smell of a violent exuberant urban stew on a hot, hot day in a hot, hot part of the world.

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