1 lb. bean curd

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 oz. minced pork

2 oz. minced dried salted vegetable

1 cup clear broth

1 tbsp. chili oil and soy sauce

Salt and garlic sprouts to taste

2 tbsp. cornstarch dissolved in water To Prepare:

1. Cut the bean curd into rectangular pieces.

2. Heat oil over a high flame and fry the pieces of bean curd until they turn yellow. Saute minced pork in 2 tbsp. hot oil for a while, add dried salted vegetables and stir. Pour in broth and simmer briefly. Add chili oil, garlic sprouts, salt and cornstarch. Bring to a boil, transfer to a dish and serve.


If you are a smoker, find out if the beauty spa offers accommodations for you. The beauty spa will probably also have some suggestions about tipping the staff, if it is allowed. Some beauty spas simply build a staff gratuity into a service charge tacked onto your bill, so find out about this in advance. And, of course, ask what you should bring with you. This may be information that will help you fill out any questionnaires required to be completed during your first visit, or items in the way of clothing, personal items, or something to read during down times between services. Before you go to your first beauty spa appointment, plan on turning the cell phone off and leaving the children at home. Not only might they disturb other clients at the beauty spa; more importantly, they may interfere with your taking the break from the daily routine that a beauty spa visit is intended to provide. Some beauty spas make arrangements for children, and even provide them with some services. Otherwise, though, you are better off not having them with you. Be sure to let the staff know this is your first visit to a beauty spa, so they can take the extra time to explain how they work, and answer any of your questions.

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