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Keshia Knight Pulliam puts it all together, with soft makeup, flawless hair and the perfect set of natural nails. Clean, healthy nails are beautiful!
If you’re ready to go bare with natural nails in order to simplify your beauty presentation, Cutex, the leader in nail-care products since 1911, offers these tips for keeping nails looking and feeling great.

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1. Nails are made of protein and need as much protection as our skin does. When lathering on the sunscreen, remember those hands and feet— especially the cuticles. Cuticles serve a purpose; they seal in moisture and protect new nail growth as it emerges.
2. Cover your nails! Cutex recommends coating nails with a polish, base coat or ridge filler to protect against the elements. Cutex’s clear base coat, Baseworx, contains biotin, the only supplement scientifically proven to improve nail health.
Baseworx not only lengthens the life of manicures, it also offers perfect protection.
3. Oil-up to protect and moisturize. Dermatologists suggest coating hands and nails in natural oils to moisturize. When you’re looking to change polishes, consider Advanced Revival nail polish remover. Advanced Revival combines the power of acetone with the nourishing and natural botanical oils of apricot seed, flaxseed and perilla for stronger, healthier Dramatic nails? Ditch the harsh salon acetone for DIY removal. Do you take your nails to the extreme with gel or glitter polish? Extreme nails don’t have to mean harsh polish remover. Try at-home removal with the Gel Polish Removal Kit or Spa Formula Nail Polish Remover. nails.

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