Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Black Hair

Cuticle is badly damaged and provides no protection. Hair Shaft is exposed. Moisture, pollutants and harmful chemicals can seep in.

Image 5: The cuticle is completely frayed.

Fibers of the shaft are exposed, become damaged, split and break. This is hair breakage.

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3. Afro hair is very curly and this is a challenge of its own as it tends to knot and tangle very easily around everything it touches. So, not only do the curls result in exposure to more damage as shown in the images above, the curls grow around themselves and create a mesh. While combing hair everyday helps straight or mildly curly hair to distribute oils and remove small tangles, combing Afro hair everyday will break it, and break it and break it with every pass of the comb. The small tight curls cling around the teeth of the comb and the tension tugs at the hair causing more damage.

Caring for Afro hair begins with an understanding and acceptance of these three facts – there is nothing you can change about them

To understand why, we must understand the structure of hair and the unique situation of Afro hair.

All hair grows from the hair follicles – small cup shaped organs that are part of the skin and inside of which each strand of hair grows. The hair follicle is found below the scalp and contains all the living parts of the hair including the cells from which each hair grows and the small muscles and oil glands that keep the hair and scalp well-oiled and protected. The follicle and other hair growing cells can only be reached from inside the body through the biological processes of the body.

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