Beauty News Hard as Nails

It’s tricky to keep your nails looking goodif you’re always doing sport. But we mayhave found the answer – the Red CarpetManicure Professional LED kit. This reusableat-home gel nail varnish system is simpleand quick to use and the results last forweeks. The kit includes an LED light, nailprep liquid, a base coat, bright red gel, atop-coat and cuticle oil, plus a bottle ofgel nail varnish remover. There are 50colours to collect, so say goodbye to brokennails and chipped polish forever! It costs£89.95;

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‘While in the bath, I usean exfoliating mitt whichstimulates my skin andleaves it soft andbump-free. After thebath, I slather my skinwith extra-virginorganic coconut oil,’says Gwyneth Paltrow.Try DrOrganic’sVirginCoconut OilMoisture MeltBody Oil (£8.99for 90g;

Beauty News Hard as Nails

Hydration helpers

Battle winter’s drying effects with moisturisers and conditioners

Central heating and cold temperatures can taketheir toll on your skin and hair through the winterBut using an appropriate moisturiser gives yourskin added protection, and conditioning your hair makes itless likely to break and split. Here are some quick fixes youcan use at home, to make sure your hair and skin lookfabulous all season. Your friends will want to know yoursecrets – but it’s up to you if you dare to share!


‘Hair needs moisture to keepit shiny and full of life in wintersays hairdresser Mark Hill. ‘Tryusing an intensive conditionerafter shampooing, followed bya weekly treatment such as theMark Hill Magic Drops Rescueand Repair Treatment (£6.49to replenish moisture.’

TRY THIS! Give your haira boost with the Lovea BioBurkina Shea NourishingShampoo, (£7.49 for400ml; TheBurkina Shea butter meltsinto your hair, leaving itmanageable and supple.It promotes stronger hairwith its sodium laurylsulphate-free formula.

Beauty News Hard as Nails


Washing your face too often can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it irritated and dry. Avoid products containing soap, fragrance and parabens if your skin is very dry – just cleanse your skin once a day, in the evening, so it can renew overnight.

TRY THIS! For a dewy complexiontry Arctic Hydrating Balm fromSkyn ICELAND (£25 for Thismoisturising balm replenishesthe skin with Arctic buckthorncloudberry and lingonberry oilsas well as Icelandic glacierwater. Use under your SPFor make-up for a naturalhydration boost all day long.


With constant exposure tothe elements and frequentwashing, your hands needplenty of hydration. Insteadof towel-drying – or, worse,using an air hand-dryer – ruba small amount of intensivemoisturiser into your handswhile they’re still wet. The skinaround your nails can alsobecome sore and cracked.Protect it by rubbing in vitaminE cuticle oil before bedtime.

TRY THIS! Trilogy UltraHydrating Hand Cream(£12.50 for 75ml; is anatural, ultra-rich moisturiser.It’s absorbed quickly, deliveringintensive hydration deep intoyour skin’s layers for soft hands.


‘Apply your moisturiser twice a day,’ saysKim Jacob, co-founder of Wild AboutBeauty. ‘At night, use an oil-richmoisturiser to give your skin extrahydration.’ If you’re having a bath,‘add some hydrating natural oils,such as geranium or rose, to the water with half a cupful of milk, which helps the oils dissolve,’says Elaine Tompkins at Neal’sYard Remedies. TRY THIS! Welove the Kaé ArgatherapieSlimming Massage Oil, (£37;, asuperbly moisturising organic arganoil that penetrates deep into the skin.

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