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Fancy a pocket sized spa? Baby Quasar, a US based skincare company, has launched a wrinkle reducing tool that penetrates every layer of the skin evenly, helping the body produce collagen and elastin – the connective tissues that lend firmness to the face. It emits four wavelengths of LED light: Red, amber, super red and infrared for regenerating the skin, and blue light to kill acne bacteria deep within the pores.


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I looked at John. John looked at me, sobriety washed over us. We closed our eyes. We prepared for death. The car mounted the roundabout with a smash and a tearing of metal. We crashed through a billboard and some scaffolding and hit something solid. The car crumpled, we fell in heaps. Glass everywhere. We fell out the car. Bits of us were bleeding but we could all stand up.

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