To treat scars, I recommend infusing the skin with Vitamin C. It is well known that Vitamin C exerts protective and restorative effects, and has proven effectiveness in the reduction of scars. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals both internally and externally, reducing cellular damage. It is capable of decreasing pigmentation in age spots and freckles, at the same time lightening the overall tone of the skin. It also has the added benefit of minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, treatments containing Vitamin C do not always function to their best abilities because Vitamin C breaks down easily when exposed to air, light, heat, moisture or metal. BelleWave Switzerland has found the solution for this with its C-Force Intensive Revival Kit.


BelleWave Switzerland’s C-Force Intensive Revival Kit is made with a potent Vitamin C Complex known as Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside, a powerful antioxidant that can help to regenerate skin cells and lighten marks. What makes Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside unique is that it is highly bio-compatible for fast and complete absorption before environmental break down can occur. After application, an enzyme present in the skin acts on Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside to gradually release its benefits and also activates the effects of Vitamin E. Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside can suppress melanin synthesis and reduce the amount of pre-existing melanin, resulting in lightened skin pigments.

After just one treatment, C-Force Intensive Revival Kit re-awakens the skin’s regeneration abilities to result in visibly reduced scars and pigments. Dull, uneven and UV-damaged skin is given a healthy glow by the deep infusion of nutrients and increased cell turnover. It also provides optimal hydration, and stimulates collagen and elastin production so that the skin’s support cushion is strengthened and epidermal layer is more toned.

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