Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Treatment Solutions For Your Home

Do you know how expensive an exterminator is, especially when you have a specialized problem like bed bugs. The problem itself is irritating and comes with an embarrassing stigma. Then you have to deal with paying the pest control company and being inconvenienced because of the treatment? Hold the phone. You can bed bug treatment about see website.

In order to effectively treat the bed bugs yourself, you have to know what you’re looking for and identify where they are located. What you’re looking for are blood spots, bed bug skins, eggs and of course the bugs themselves and where they are hiding. You might see some of them in the crevices of mattresses, or just crawling around in general on your bedding. You might find them in rugs, carpeting, couches and more.

As you begin to find them, you can start to layer the treatment and get the bed bugs out of your home. Anything that is going to fit in a washing machine, you want to put on a few repeat cycles of hot water. Some home remedies for bed bug treatment include vegetable and fruit insecticides, rubbing alcohol, dry heat and steam treatments.

Other include duct tape, mint leaves, lavender and other essential herbs and oils. A little lavender would always help you with your sleep, all while getting rid of the bed bugs. Of course these aren’t magic bean solutions, so you’re really going to have to get serious about the bed bug treatments you provide. If you find yourself losing the battle, then you know you have to throw in the towel and make the call.

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