Beginner Boxing Workout for Women


Love boxing? Or perhaps you’ve been dying to try it and not gotround to it? Smart new boxing club 12×3 in London’s East End is the place to be. It offers training from knowledgable and humble professionals (male and female) who have lived and breathed the world of boxing.

Try the small-group training sessions(four-on-one) where you’re put through your paces using 12, three-minute rounds ( hence the name of the club!) with just one minute’s rest in between – eek! Four-on-one sessions cost £25; visit for more information.

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Who says energy bars have to taste unappealing to be effective? British endurance nutrition brand Veloforte has just proved that theory wrong at the 2017 Great Taste Awards, scooping two stars for its Classico flavour and one star for Di Bosco.

Diet issues? Don’t worry. The Ciocco bar is free from gluten and the others are dairy-, egg-, soy-, GM- and preservative-free. Prices start from £6.99 for three;

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