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Young Blues artist with many elements to his rock & roll edge

Ever since Ben Poole’s first album, he has been listed as an ‘act to watch’ and now he returns with his second recording of fusion rock. The 25-year-old British blues guitarist is back with a blast, releasing TIME HAS COME in April, following his 2013 breakthrough release, Let’s Go Upstairs, and a live recording from the Royal Albert Hall in 2014.

His latest offering is a ten track collection of classic rock music that remains refreshingly pure and not over produced.It was recorded at Nottinghamshire’s Superfly Studios with his live band, produced by Wayne Proctor and engineered by Andy Banfield.

From the opening number, Lying To Me, it hits the listener with melodic rock sounds and heavy electric guitar-led choruses -with a hint of 90s influence. The Blues-soaked, I Think I Love You Too Much, is approached with an unapologetic attitude and hot guitar leads. Then it’s onto the heartfelt rock ballad, Longing For A Woman, which slows things right down, but is soon picked up for a powerful 80s inspired solo. Just When You Thought It Was Safe has a rock and gospel influence and a commercial sound that will impress with Ben’s stripped-back vocals and musicianship.

Ben Poole is the full package and an artist who cleverly dips his toes into many genres on this classic eclectic rock-fusion album. . . Megan Gnad

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