Benefits Of Exercise Ball During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Exercise Ball During Pregnancy


A prolonged deficiency of carotenoids increases the risk of diseases. Vitamin A is vital for the growth of healthy skin and hair and especially for the repair of damaged skin tissues and reduction of scar tissue.

Vitamin A is required for the removal of dead skin cells.

Teenage acne is usually due to changing hormonal balance, especially the pituitary gland. However, such factors as emotional stress and a poor diet rich in cooked fats or chocolate and processed foods all contribute to the temporary problem. Vitamin A can assist in balancing hormonal function, cleansing skin tissues and rebuilding damaged tissues.

A regular intake of carrot juice will be hard to beat for skin benefits, especially as it is the sweetest source of organic sulphur, the ultimate skin-cleansing mineral.


Vitamin A is required for the synthesis of RNA, a nucleic acid that assists in the transmission of hormones and chemical messages for the reproduction of hereditary characteristics.

A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to impaired reproduction.


Vitamin A is essential for all cellular and bone growth. Vitamin A is also required for the effective use and metabolism of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, thereby promoting growth.

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