Benefits of Orange Blossom on the skin

Benefits of Orange Blossom on the skin

Neroli oil, also known as essential oil, is one of the most precious jewels of the essence oil aroma world and is distilled from the flower petals and requires a large amount of plant material in order to obtain a very small amount of oil. Orange flowers are mainly harvested in Tunisia and other northern African regions. The harvesters put bulbs under the sour orange trees (Citrus aurantium), then shriek the branches.

Falling petals are placed in the nuts. The orange bud is more or less citrus-like, with a soft, warm and rich pleasant aroma. This oil is suitable for all types of skin, especially mature skin and has a gentle, balancing effect.

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Essential oil of orange bud is much more expensive than many essential oils. For this reason, sometimes it is distilled with the leaves and sprouts of the tree, and the orange bud is used to produce fresh water petagran essential oil.

Essence of orange bud? ‘ The orange bud is a pleasant aroma that allows the orange bud to be used instead of the essential oil (with the exception of one of them), with fresh water petrol essence oil for a very small fee. Stress-reducing, stress reliever and anxiety-relieving orange bud tightens sensitive and sensitive skin. It is also possible that the orange bud is inherent in nature.

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