Berry Leaf Skin Toner

An excellent skin tonic for oily, large-pored “dirty” skin. Makes enough for a year’s supply.

2 large handfuls of any or all of the approximately 5-6 oz. 80 proof vodka following: fresh strawberry, rasp- (enough to fill the jar and cover the berry or blackberry leaves (enough berry leaves) to tightly fill an 8-oz. jar) 6 oz. distilled rose water

Follow Directions for Alcohol Tinctures Using Fresh Herbs using the berry leaves and the vodka, strain tincture and combine with the rose water in a 12-oz. glass jar, cap and shake well. Can be used immediately. Put in a mister bottle or apply to a cotton cloth and wipe onto skin. Makes 12 oz.

Herbal-Infusion Astringents. These formulations combine the therapeutic action of water-based herbal infusions with the toning, tightening and cleansing properties of alcohol. If your skin is sensitive to alcohol you may want to omit it and simply use the fresh infusion. In this case, the formula will have to be stored in the refrigerator and used within a few days. The nonalcoholic versions of these formulas are more like gentle hydrating skin toners than astringents. You can also reduce the amount of alcohol in these formulas according to your own preference and still obtain the therapeutic effects of the alcohol; however, you will need to use these reduced-alcohol formulas more quickly, as they will have a reduced shelf life. The addition of glycerin helps to counteract the alcohol’s drying properties and can offer a mildly preservative effect to low- or no-alcohol formulas. *~

I enjoy making herbal-infusion astringents for classes at herbal conferences, since they are so easy to make and are ready for use within a short time. When making them, just be sure to allow the herbs to steep fully before straining the infusion and mixing it with alcohol.

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