Best 10+ Valentine’s Day Hairstyles Ideas

Hi everyone Kaylee your friendly neighborhood hair stylist here in today my hair matches are Valentine’s theme I’ve been trying out the new Kristen as temporary pink spray I’ve actually tried out the whole new collection this is the last product that I needed to try and that review will be going up next week so you can come back to see if this pink is as temporary as it said it was going to be or if I still think this time of year Weighted today’s post today’s posts about viral heart hairstyles basically want to come over Instagram and Pinterest this time of year.

I’ve actually never tried any of the ones I’m doing today and I don’t know if they’re actually as easy as they look like a little bit of hidden difficulty to them and you’re going to see me try and struggle along the way which is something I would normally cut out of a post but today now you’re getting the Realty so I hope you enjoy it let’s get into it Try out right at all but her picture of this like a looped heart hairstyles keeps recurring all throughout.

Best 10+ Valentine’s Day Hairstyles Ideas Photo Gallery

My feed so I thought I would try that one first so it starts a really simple you just take some pieces and put them in the back with an elastic.

So next to look like you grab two more pieces of hair and this is where it gets interesting is that you have to run around the hair that we’ve already done in a way that looks like a heart I believe it goes under and then it comes around like this that’s not bad I feel like I’m getting thrown off by that are sticking with this section try and stick to the one person they know what the party spoiler that introverted me doesn’t look anything like the picture I just looked back at my reference image and I looped the hair the wrong way I didn’t follow the tutorial track I’m trying it again alrighty all the hairs that I lost due to clear hair elastics.

So you’re actually supposed to go see I might need to look at this again over and then in and then you kind of pull it like that So let’s try the other side.

So hold it up so you have a little space between your half of this piece of hair reach your hand under the half updo and grab onto your A piece of hair dry I’ll just pull that piece of hair through and there you go then you just kind of like pick it up and arrange it so it’s kind of the top of a heart and pin it in place trial.

So much cooler than the loops and the intricate I like Chuck in a piece of hair over a house that’s cool I think I am going to pin these two sections down cuz they’re being a little funny so now we bring the little ends together and secure I really like this so I’ve seen it on Pinterest for like years and years and years and I’ve always been kind of like I would never wear a hard time so I don’t I don’t know why I had that kind of attitude but this is cute.

I want to go eat this and just wish you were here around like March down the street like this cuz you know you got gray hair I mean I never do that what Bentley I had to get like one try through before I really figured out what I was doing being crazy crazy hard I would say that it’s wrong but I think that pending the loops correctly and keeping it from getting frizzy and Tangled can be a little bit to the next one we have the heart hair donut Place I’ve seen a lot of questionable blue shop images of this and used and I’m just really interested to see how this works I feel as though I just opened a box on Chopped I have some bobby pins and the Heart here donut.

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