Best African American Hairstyles in 2020

Think Pretty Salon makes it a scorcher.

Have your edge tamer and kinky hair extensions at the ready for this three-part Mohican.

For a silky smooth outcome, use serum and a good dose of finishing spray.

For gleaming texture, detangle thoroughly and use your favourite curling custard.

Always wrap and set braids under the dryer before the final unveiling.

Best African American Hairstyles in 2020 Photo Gallery

You may have tried one, if not all, of these trends, but our panel of hairdressers take a look back at this year’s mane moments.

‘Wigs serve every occasion. They can be practical and fun at the same time. This year, black women really pulled out the stops when it came to setting trends alight with wigs in every style, texture, length and colour. Bring on 2020

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