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Natural Afro hair that looks good is an advertisement of the loving care it receives – and the health of the person who owns it. Glossy, dark, soft, and healthy hair is never an accident. It is always the result of a daily regime of complete care – care that goes from the inside to the outside.

Learn what you must do and what you must not do (and why) if you want the prize of beautiful, healthy hair – hair that can be beautifully cut and styled or grown to any length you choose.

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Other than coloring hair there are no references to chemical treatments in this blog. We feel that the care of natural Afro hair has not been given enough attention. So, this blog aims to fill that gap and provide information on how to look after natural African locks without taking anything away from other treatments.

That is not to say you must spend a lot of time on your hair. It simply means you must first understand everything about Afro hair and then develop a process that suits your lifestyle, one that keeps your hair looking good. A lot of the traditional knowledge about Afro hair has been lost. We have tried to capture the little we could find in this blog and hope others will add to this knowledge in time. It is very likely that a new era of Afro hair styles is now emerging from the return to naturally worn hair. Afro hair style and identity is now taking its place where it should always have been.

If you want to share your knowledge about natural Afro hair.

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