Best Afro Hairstyle and Haircut Ideas From Celebrities in 2019

Own The Room

When you walk into an event with hair like this you own the room. This look simply stuns!

To get the look:

Best Afro Hairstyle and Haircut Ideas From Celebrities in 2019 Photo Gallery

1. The hair is shampooed and deep conditioned.

2. The hair is then braided into small cornrows leaving hair out in between the rows.

3. 20” semi-wavy Indian hair is sewn onto the cornrows.

4. A portion of hair that is left out at the crown is flat ironed with a Red Pro flat iron and combed to cover the top weft.

5. The rest of the hair is curled with a ceramic curling iron.

6. Each curl is pinned with a bobby pin to set the curl.

7. Once the pin-curls are cool they are released.

8. The hair is then styled.

Spike necklace Duct Tape and Diamonds. Wardrobe Look 2: Brandnewtype-nude leaf strapless dress, Steve Madden- metal Cap pumps, Tri color Ombre necklace Duct Tape and Diamonds

Color & Curls

This look is all things fun and flirty! The deep wavy texture and beautiful strawberry blond color is simply stunning.

To get the look:

1. The hair is cleansed, conditioned and cornrowed.

2. Wet and wavy textured hair wefts are sewn onto the cornrows up to the crown area and secured at the top with a closure technique.

3. The hair is blended and razor cut, creating a bang during the process.

4. Water is spritzed on the hair to activiate the curls and the hair is finger-combed to style.

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