Her career has spanned 30 years, she has been inducted into both the Hollywood and Songwriters Hall of Fame, creating Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun), True Colours, All Through The Night, Time After Time and Change Of Heart, to name just a few of her smash hits. Cyndi can be credited as a musical revolutionary, bringing punk elements of style and attitude into the mainstream, thanks to her signature fashion, vocals and liberal lyrics. Cyndi Lauper was the first woman to have four top five hits from a debut album, the first woman to win the composing category solo during the 2013 Tony Awards and one of a select list women to have won I competitive Grammy, Emmy and Tony awards. Most reccently, launched the Give a Damn campaign, to help get straight people more involved in LGBT rights. Cyndi Lauper is a woman who, after years of gaining respect and admiration in the music industry and now 62 years old, can pretty much do what she wants – and what she’s chosen to do now is a country album! DETOUR, released on May 6, is an 11-track cover album, featuring some of country music’s very best artists and session players. It’s also her first solo album in six years. I spoke with Cyndi Lauper to find out why, and it seemed that her motives and outlook on the album were just as charming and colourful as her New York accent and bright pink hair… We managed to fit in time to speak in between Cyndi’s busy schedule promoting this album; she tells me it’s important to her to “meet all the people that are gonna be selling the record. These she has wowed with her unique, cross-genre albums. to “meet all the people that are gonna be selling the record. These are the people who will be rolling their sleeves up with you, so it’s Lauper has also become a powerful LGBT advocate ( both good that you meet everybody and say ‘thank you’, for the work a gay and feminist icon) campaigning for equality through T1 we’re about to embark on.” charities and Gay Pride events around the world. She co-founded 1 the True Colors Tour for Human Rights throughout the United States and Canada in 2007. In 2010,.Lauper’s True Colors Fund It’s refreshing to hear that the singer still appreciates each and every process of a new album – but before we talk more about her Qie and Loretta Lynn were pop stars. They were on the radio… with James Brown.


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