I got to have Vince Gill play on it, which was amazing, because there’s a guy who is so gifted in all ways. He’s not hard to look at, he’s got a voice like butter, he plays guitar – nobody even realises what a fantastic guitar player he is, he’s a shredder. He came and we did the track with him and a few of his guys and we did You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly. And then 1 even cut Night Life, so what when Willie came in he could just come in and out- because he was doing two records at once and 1 didn’t wanna make it hard for him, I wanted to make it easy for him.” She says of Willie Nelson: “He was great, he was great! It was like, in a way, like having Yoda walk in. Here’s a guy who’s written 300 songs. Think about it! 300 songs. That’s a f***ing lot of songs, OK!

“And then I got Alison Krauss to come and sing and she knew Jewel, cause I needed a yodeller…. And I remember an interview where Jules said she yodelled you know. So I just thought thought OK, let’s do it you know. So it was kind of exciting!

“I had these wonderful, wonderful people,” she concludes. “And the band was extremely talented. But I really lucked out to be with people like that!”


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