NDI LAUPER cyndi coloured country ole and vision in its creation, 1 can’t wait and 1 have to ask – why a zountry album and why now? “Well, because 1 could,” she esponds with bright bluntness that shapes the rest of our nterview. “And because I wanted to work with Seymour Stein.” everything was Western,” she explains. “For the Americana it was Westerns in the movies, Westerns on TV… [We’d] jump up very early, all three of us, and watch Billy Bang Bang and Brother Butch, which was the old serial. And we had a brother Butch, so I was a career-long ambition to work with Seymour Stein. “I ays wanted to work with him,” she tells me. “He was the one ) signed the Talking Heads, signed the Ramones. You gotta erstand what that was in New York, at that time. It was like oh god, he had everybody!” Stein is a top dog in the music jstry: Vice President of Warner Bros and Records and a ounder of Sire Records. Sire Records was a central part of the new wave movement; Stein signed ground-breaking artists under the label such as the Ramones, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Madonna, Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Undertones. “But, you know, the truth is that Wanda Jackson and Patsy of songs that you could listen to, and 1 think 1 actually did it… You could put it on in the background, you could do anything to it, it just kind of changes the mood, it makes you a little happy.”


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