It’s fun, it’s an acoustic live album and I recorded it in Nashville with Okorie Johnson on cello who I was just playing with. My American guitarist is a guy called Mike Gallagher from Chicago, we play a lot of shows as a trio in the US. So we decided just to go into a studio and recreate that live sound… we put some new songs on there, some acoustic versions of latest album tracks and then also some of the favourite covers that I’ve been doing at shows as well. It should be out the end of May.

The live energy is the focus, but is there some sort of narrative or theme that holds the songs together?

It’s always more difficult for a live album to get a theme because you’re thinking about which songs work really well live and also with those players – every time I play with different musicians the arrangements are all slightly different. But there’s still a lot of love songs on the album and I write from a lot of perspectives of wondering what it’s all about. The big things that people wonder about and the shared life experiences that we all have.

Several of the stories behind the songs you performed were those of other people you know…

There’s nothing more interesting than real life stories and some of the things that people share with me after a show or email me about I just think ‘I can’t believe you went through that and came out the other side, it’s just amazing’. People’s lives are amazing to me… it’s easy to forget when you’re living it day-to-day and you’re just trying to get through everything. It’s only when you stop and look back you think ‘wow, we just did all of that!’… As a songwriter you have the luxury of being able to stop still and have a look around and reflect.


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