I remember when I was about five at school one teacher said to me that I have such an overactive imagination and even now I can’t watch horror films because my imagination just turns it into reality. I think for songwriting that’s great… I can completely get absorbed in someone else’s story… Everyone has had their heart broken or just wondered ‘what the hell am I doing?’… So even if the ideas come from someone else if I feel like I completely understand you know and it gives it a context to write about them.

What do you have planned next in terms of touring and promoting the new album ?

Well I’ve got a few more shows in March to do and then I’m gonna be back at the end of May to do the Under The Apple Tree Folk festival. That’s gonna be the very first time that the album will be available over here, so it’s gonna launch at Bob’s festival. And I’ve got other festivals June and July and more touring, the dates aren’t quite locked in yet. For more tour information and to sign up to download a five track EP from Callaghan, visit the website. Charlotte Taylor


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