The Best Blender Brush Makeup Tool

Soft, loose, fluffy, and relatively large. Takes the edge off color.
To clean makeup brushes, use a mild household liquid soap (baby shampoo and Ivory soap work well). Use your hand as a cup for the warm, soapy water and swirl brushes in your palm until they are clean. Rinse well.

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Then gently squeeze excess water from the brush. Reshape the head of the brush. Air-dry by laying the brush over the edge of a counter or table so that the bristles are open to the air on all sides.

Brushes should dry overnight.
There is absolutely no need to buy a special makeup-brush cleaning solution. Most solutions specifically made for this purpose are too harsh and drying for the bristles. I've found that some of these solutions have an odd odor.

Rubbing alcohol is not a good option, either it too is drying.
Do not soak brushes in the sink. Extended immersion in water can loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place, so brushes come apart prematurely. Also, to avoid mildew from forming, do not wrap your brushes in, or lay them on, a towel to dry.

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