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Celebrity client Lisa Snowdon shares her secret: “One of my secrets is Dr Prager’s Botox treatment for the lower part of the face, and jawline.” Brides Retail Editor Arabella Dupont recommends: “The Illuminator facial is my treatment of choice. It’s wonderfully relaxing and the results are magic Plus, with no downtime and needles, it’s the perfect pre-wedding photo-ready fix for brilliantly bright and radiant skin.” If there is one thing all brides are searching for, it’s achieving the perfect skin for their wedding day. But more importantly, it’s ultimately about gaining that healthy, youthful, natural look and maintaining it from your late twenties, into your thirties and beyond.

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Te time is now – and we could all do with a helping hand and an expert eye to step in and take control of our skin’s future. Afer a decade of practising cosmetic medicine, Dr Prager knows a thing or two about looking afer his patients and slowing down the ageing process. Hundreds of women come to him each month – including famous faces from the stage and screen – to improve their looks as they get older. ‘My patients trust me with their most important assets, their looks and their health. It’s all about targeting problem areas early on in your thirties to safeguard your youth for as long as possible; especially when it comes to face work’.


As people start to approach their thirties, they start to see the frst signs of ageing. Te skin starts to lose some of its precious collagen and fne lines and wrinkles start to appear. Skin loses its glow-factor and becomes uneven and dull. Dr Prager says; ‘At this age, prevention is better than cure and it’s necessary to start minimal, but regular facial work to protect your assets. Have an annual Micro- Mesotherapy treatment to help stimulate collagen production and small amounts of dermal fllers work well, while frown lines are best remedied with Botox’.


A range of bespoke facials created exclusively for you. From the ever-popular Illuminator facial (delivering an instant glow and much-needed anti-ageing boost) to the Red Carpet treatment for complete skin overhaul – perfect just before a special event!


A safe, yet effective skin resurfacing treatment designed to stimulate your skin’s collagen producing cells. Expect a short downtime of 1-3 days, (no interrupting your social life!) and enjoy a vastly improved appearance of scars, sun- damaged and ageing skin. Perfect a week or two before your special day.


Not simply used for forehead lines, Dr Prager knows how to gently lift all the key facial muscles using this sought-after method. Administered in this soft manner, it can truly knock off the years in a safe, natural- looking way. A huge hit with all of his A-list clients.


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