Best Braided Hairstyles 2020: Celebrity Braid Ideas

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Overnight treatments are a great time to bring out your inner mixtress. Oils like coconut and olive penetrate the hair well, but slowly, which makes them perfect for the slow, overnight conditioning method. Coconut oil is great for breaking or damaged hair; mix it in a 2:1 ratio with some atrActiva Keratin Rich Conditioner to build up your hair’s keratin and stop those annoying midshaft splits and brittle ends that are standing in the way of your hair goals. To deal with excess shedding, crush some garlic and soak it in olive oil for a week. Mix with a scalp massage oil like L’Huile de Leonor Greyl Beauty Oil.

This combination should give you clear results from the first time you do it, if your shedding is straightforward with no underlying medical reasons. Use it regularly to help keep the shedding as minimal as can be. If You’re just looking to soften up really dry hair before a wash and conditioning session, then mix four to seven tablespoons of atr Activa Keratin Rich Conditioner with two heaped tablespoons of Silicon Mix Bambu treatment, and work it through your hair. 

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After all your hard work, it’d be a shame to let all that conditioner flow out, ruin your pillow and leave your hair shrunken, semi-arid and not very conditioned. Your best bet for keeping your hair snugly undercover is to wrap it in cling film. Not only does cling film mould perfectly to your head, it’s also better than other methods at keeping the conditioner in your hair and the air out. So wrap it around your head full of conditioner a few times. You can always tie a towel or plastic bag over the top for added insurance.

do it regularly To see the results of this method, condition your hair this way at least weekly. If You want to see faster results, you can up the number of times you use this method to as often as every other day, depending on how much exposure to water your hair can take. Still, be wary of repeating this method too often – if your hair starts feeling spongy, squeaky, tangly or rough after a few sessions, start spacing them out. These characteristics are all signs of hygral fatigue which can lead to breakage, so make sure you listen to your hair.

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