Best Bun Hairstyles

-The key to begin a messy bun, you’re going to start with a ponytail. So pull her hair back into a tight ponytail and comb it out. When you get it the way you like it, add a rubber band.

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And the last twist of the rubber band, just pull it halfway through. So now you have some hairs hanging out at the bottom. Take those and twist them up, kind of spread them out so they cover the whole ponytail. And then separate the pony into clumps. Grab another rubber band. Kind of form a bun shape with all of it.

Add a secondary rubber band on the top. And then at this point, just kind of loosen a few spots here and there. Separate your ends if you want to. We’re ratting them a little. And if you have problem spots that you don’t like for instance. If you don’t like this you can always take a little bobby pin and stick it in there until you like the way it’s leaning. And then add hair spray.

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