On Best Chanel Jackets Styles

A STEP AHEAD Gabrielle Chanel was the fi rst fashion designer to adapt the material for womenswear in 1920 – it has since featured in every Chanel collection H O M EC O M I N G In the early 1930s Chanel decided to start making her tweeds in her home country. She engaged weavers in northern France, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais N A M E S A K E The word tweed is derived from the Scottish word ‘tweel’ which means ‘crossed fabric’; the story goes that it was named after the river Tweed, which fl ows between England and Scotland AU NATUREL Traditionally dyed in a range of vegetal colours – the green of nettles, red of lichen or violet of elderberries – Chanel’s tweeds drew from the colours of the Scottish countryside LESAGE TWEED In 1998 Francois Lesage presented his tweeds to Chanel to use in the Ready-to-Wear collections, and the House of Lesage has now been designing for Chanel since 2008.

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