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Dr. Tim Cheesman and his Team want to Make You Smile

Born and raised in Pickering, Ontario, Dr. Tim Cheesman considers himself very much “a local boy” who enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking and camping. “I love the north,” he says, “Being outdoors on the water, the lakes, the snow and the hills.” Graduating from Laurentian University with an Honours BSC, he travelled to the U.S. for his dental studies, receiving his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from the University of Detroit, Mercy. But the pull of family and the homeland drew him right back to Canada.

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“I love our morals in Canada. We are an accepting society,” he says. “We are more socialized with our healthcare system. I’ve driven across Canada a couple of times, around the top of Lake Superior, across the prairies and out west to Alberta. It’s just a diversity of climate and culture.” Dr. Cheesman’s admiration for Canadian values is reflected in how he runs his dental practice at Essa Dental. “Ethics are important to me,” he says. “Ours is a welcoming dental   practice. When you are a patient, you are part of our family. I think it’s the homey feel of our practice, because it’s in a house and not a strip mall.”

Several members of the Essa Dental staff have been with the practice for over 30 years. They know the patients by name. Many people who grew up in the practice are now bringing in their own children and grandchildren. In fact, we have generations of families coming to see us for dental care.” A devoted family man with three young children, Dr. Cheesman, understands the need for a soothing touch with people who are experiencing their first visit to a dentist. Initial visits for children are fun experiences, riding up and down in the chair, counting their teeth, getting stickers, learning about the sounds and smells of a dental office.

“We try to get kids involved in their dental care and motivate them to have the best possible oral hygiene.” Dr. Cheesman prides himself in tailoring   treatment plans around a patient’s needs. “What is their chief complaint? We can do veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, root canals, but cosmetic dentistry is not in everyone’s budget. We give informed options to the patient for them to decide, whether it is a denture, crown, bridge or implant.” Essa Dental is always upgrading with continuing education and equipment.

“We just introduced a digital Panoramic x-ray machine to go along with our digital x-ray program,” says Dr. Cheesman. “All of our x-ray units are now digital which means less radiation to our patients. Our fees are according to the current year Ontario Dental Association fee guide and we do not exceed that guide. We offer our seniors a discount and that is why we have long-term patients and so many referrals.” Essa Dental provides General and Family Dentistry, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Root Canals, Invisalign® Braces, Dental Implants, Nitrous Oxide and Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

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